From 2009 to 2013, I worked with Showtime on design and direction of mobile applications for the network and their most popular shows.

Showtime iPhone and Android allowed users to preview and learn more about Showtime's programming and provided limited access to full episodes of upcoming shows. Mercury's relationship with Showtime began in 2009 as a rescue project for this failing iPhone app. The Android app, not shown, used a similar design.


Showtime iPad concept designs were requested by Showtime in 2010 shortly after the iPad was released. Showtime ultimately decided not to move forward with an iPad marketing app.


Weeds iPhone and Android Mercury managed the iPhone and Android apps for Showtime's popular series Weeds for the last three seasons of the show. The design included a photo booth that allowed fans to make and share show-related photos of themselves. I designed the photo booth experience and directed the initial set of photo booth template images. 


Dexter iPhone and Android Mercury also designed and developed the iPhone and Android apps for the last three seasons of Showtime's Dexter. For the final season, we worked with Showtime to reimagine "Dexter's Disciples," an existing Dexter trivia game. The game spanned all eight seasons of the show, challenging even its most die-hard fans.


Showtime Windows Phone was initiated as a potential device launch partnership between Nokia and Showtime for the Nokia Lumia 800. I worked with Showtime on design and direction, using a similar data structure to their existing iPhone and Android apps.

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