USA Today

I led design and direction for USA Today's flagship iPhone, Android, and iPad applications from 2008 to early 2011. During that time, USA Today's apps received millions of installs and regularly held the top spot in News. The apps were promoted in Apple advertisements and the Apple Store as well as featured in the App Store and Google Play Store.

USA Today iPhone was the first multi-purpose news app for iPhone, incorporating news, weather, sports scores, photo galleries, and Snapshot polls.  It was the first major news app to incorporate Twitter sharing and many features and design decisions were imitated by other news organizations. In the 2009 Communication Arts Interactive Annual, judge Jason Ring proclaimed, "This app packs an impossible amount of fresh information into an elegant and intuitive experience."


USA Today Android received similar praise to its iPhone counterpart. Due to a lack of standards or guidelines, designing an Android app in 2009 was no easy task. Popular Android apps such as USA Today set the standards for early Android apps.


USA Today iPad was designed and developed in just six weeks and launched alongside the first iPad. It was praised as the best news app for iPad and finished 2010 as one of the top 25 most downloaded apps overall in the App Store. The app received numerous awards and recognitions, including Gannett's Innovator of the Year award and Ad Age's Media Vanguard award.